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Enderman x Creeper Stamp by MustaPantteriI Support Enderman X Creeper Ship by CheckeredOwlxWanna have a staring contest? by reddragon569Creepahpah stamp- Minecraft by Alter-N-Zac-Stamps:thumb167990539:Love to read by Claire-stampsStamp: Let it Snow... by emerlyroseSnow by SpitFire19erI'm dreaming of snow... by PixieRiotGroucho Marx Quotes 1 by Claire-stampsstamp - don't judge a book... by Daeg-NihtI support writing English by FragileReveries
#092 Gastly by xXEclipseTheCatXx#093 Haunter by xXEclipseTheCatXx #094 Gengar by xXEclipseTheCatXx

Gastly animation by ezeqquiel


IMG MrNutmeg by DestinytheWolf13
IMG MrNutmeg
Look how horrible it came put bec7ause of ,y tablet. And I can not see what I'm typing because anytime I scroll down to the message boz, it scrolls up to the top, and makes it out of view. Yaaaaay....damn tablet.
I'll be much more active, fix my page, and actually be back nnon deviant. I promise!
And now I can not see what I am am typing, thanks tablet, you fucker. Well, I have to make this quick I leget can not see what I am typing because of this tablet. So.... I am really tired, like, really tried. I sleep all day and night, BT I'm stillrealy tired. And I feel like I have no energy to do anything, ugh. Wewell, I hope that explains why I won't be n , until I feelbeter at least. Y fingehts actually hurt, fuck. 
Human Enderman by DestinytheWolf13
Human Enderman
Okay, so my tablet crashed the first time I was doing this. Let's try again
I made a human ender man, I named him "Nutmeg" Cruz yodo. Tablet is still a jerk, so don't expect Much art until I get a new computer. Note: I am coloring this, this is not a lone art. Ender man © Notch Nutmeg © Me

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